Surveillance Solutions
Security is important, but monitoring these systems is even more critical.
With the surveillance system from ME, there is always someone watching!
24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring

Why? Simple – our premium software allows remote monitoring from your site or ours. That’s right, ME Systems can provide you with a fully functioning remote call centre to handle all the surveillance for your business – no matter what you need covered.

As software integrates with CCTV, at ME Systems we see how hard it can be to keep monitoring your security in-house. As a result of our partnership with Axxon, ME Systems has the ability to offer 24/7 surveillance for your business, office, or property.

Our surveillance solution can be viewed right on your cell phone screen – you’ll be able to see everything happening in real-time while the control room responds appropriately to any situation at hand. You’ll no longer have to worry about missing a thing with ME Systems on your team!

As the preferred partner in South Africa, ME Systems is powered by international award-winning Intelligent surveillance software developer, AxxonSoft.

  • 24/7 Intelligent Surveillance
  • Event based monitoring with triggers and alarms
  • Immediate Response and Trigger to alert the Authorities
  • Access to Video streams via authenticated mobile phone
New Innovative Control Centre Video Management Software

This is the next-generation open-platform video management software (VMS) solution for everyone. The Axxon Next platform has reached a whole new level of performance, reliability, efficiency, functionality and accessibility.

Video surveillance systems that can scale infinitely, meaning there are no restrictions on the number of video servers, workstations or video cameras as well as integrating seamlessly with other devices and systems.

How seamlessly? We support over 6,000 models of IP devices including more than 1,500 models of IP cameras integrated using proprietary protocols and 4500 ONVIF compliant devices are included, as well as remote access from mobile devices and a web interface.

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