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Samsung Telecommunications
As experts in the communications and connectivity industry, ME Systems choose to seek out the best solutions available in the world and one of those was Samsung telephone systems. Why? The answer is simple – when it comes to integrating the capabilities that our client’s businesses demand, Samsung is one of the leaders in the world. ME Systems has found that Samsung ensures superior communication systems, cutting-edge functionality and the most comprehensive offerings for smaller organisations, from IP solutions to desk phones and Unified Communications.


Samsung PABX products are sold in every major country, meeting the diverse needs of customers worldwide. In South Africa, Samsung continues to lead the market having been declared the #1 highest market penetration in the SMB space – for the 3rd year running.

ME Systems was once again awarded Platinum Dealer status at the annual Dealer Awards held in November last year which is testament of our commitment to our customers and suppliers and is only awarded to top partners with certified sales professional staff and internationally accredited engineers.

More importantly, Samsung allows ME Systems to offer our clients solutions in a myriad of areas and the full range of services that our clients demand:

✓ Custom solutions throughout the country channelled through our central support centre.

✓ SOHO, SMB and Enterprise Telephone Solutions

✓ Full Suite of Applications including Conferencing, Call Recording, Call Centre and Mobile Extension

✓ Near Unlimited Scalability and Cross-platform phone compatibility

✓ No Annual Software License Fees

✓ Various SLA and Maintenance options, ranging from Remote to 24/7 Onsite support








The Samsung range of PBX’s is the most cost-effective system there is, with models designed to suit different kinds of offices.
✓ Small business: OfficeServ 7030 and OfficeServ 7070 provides the perfect combination of efficiency and cost-effectiveness for smaller offices. These easy-to-install systems can be configured for digital phones, VoIP or a combination of both.

✓ Mid-sized business: OfficeServ 7100 and OfficeServ 7200 provides you with the ability to centrally manage your system while only getting what you need. Optimise your network of VoIP and digital phones without paying for a lot of extras that you are not going to use.

✓ Small to large Enterprises: OfficeServ 7400 and the SCM are robust systems designed for growing businesses. This system will easily handle your increasing voice and data traffic while providing you with top-of-the-line security features and management tools.

Why is Telecommunication infrastructure important to your business?
Let’s be honest – a well-connected telephone system for your business is a must. Where once you might have left a note or a message for another person in your office on their phone extension, today, it is imperative that you be able to effectively communicate instantly. Your customers expect the same connectivity to you as well and if they cannot get you, they will take their business elsewhere – they are just as connected to the world as you need to be!

Doing business today is all about instant gratification for your clients and the simple fact is they will not wait for companies to call them back – they want solutions to their problems now and this is why a powerful business phone system has become the standard for smart companies around the world.

Today more than ever, there is a real need for top quality technology to enhance collaboration and communication, and for this, only the best telecommunications equipment and only a complete business phone systems will fill that void.

Companies that invest in a solid communications infrastructure enjoy the following advantages:

✓ The entire team can meet virtually, regardless of where the attendees are physically located. As a result, decisions can be made more quickly and projects can make faster, smoother progress than before.

✓ The face of your company – the customer service staff – is able to effectively manage all inbound calls to provide a better quality experience for the client. Real-time collaboration means that customer issues can be resolved far more quickly than ever before.

✓ With virtual meetings come the opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm no matter where in the world your team is, giving your company a high level of innovation and resourcefulness.

✓ The ability to go mobile means that the company switchboard can be anywhere you need it to be – mobile technology gives your business the full functionality of the telephone system no matter where that is.

✓ The improved connectivity is a huge morale boost – giving employees the tools and resources they need to take care of the client and thus, lowering the business’ cost of acquisition of both customers and employees.

✓ Positive experiences for customers – and faster turnaround for the customer experience results in repeat business and higher profit margins.

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